fat basslines, dramatic build-ups and quick drums

Moombahteam is founded in 2012 by music producer Erik Groen. Over the years Moombahteam remixed over fifty A-list artist from Rihanna to Sean Paul. These remixes went trough the roof and this resulted in more than a 1000 gigs all over the world. Moombahteam is influenced by genres like reggae(ton), dancehall and house.
The Moombahteam-sound is characterized by fat basslines, dramatic build-ups and quick drums. Real, analog instruments are recorded and combined with the new digital sound. This formula has already led to a golden record for the official remake of Ne-Yo’s hit ‘Miss Independent’. Jumping into the present Erik Groen focuses more on original Moombahteam music to globalize his music even more.
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